Combining nanolised powder from discarded oyster shells from the oyster farm in Taiwan and recycled PET bottles, Seawool® Polyester gives you the wool touch hand with odor control.

 ECO-FRIENDLY Seawool® Polyester is made by discarded oyster shells from the oyster farm in Taiwan, making them into nanolised powder and mixing it with plastic pellets made from recycled PET bottles.

WOOLLEN TOUCH The surface of Seawool® Polyester is embedded in tiny pieces of scales come from nanolised oyster shell power. These scales simulate the unique surface structure of scales in wool fibers, giving Seawool® Polyester the ability to be felt like natural wool.

ODOR CONTROL Oyster shell’s surface is mound like porous structure after the calcination treatment, facilitating the absorption of the odor caused by sweat.