Mens merino wool jumpers are our signature piece and is a type of clothing gaining popularity in recent times. The merino is a type of Sheep, which can be found living in extreme types of weather. This makes their wool strong and resilient, so it can battle the cold and ventilate against the heat. These properties, along with it being soft and light, make the Peter Gribby merino a perfect-choiced garment for your wardrobe.

Our mens merino wool jumpers are machine washable, shrink resistant and tumble dryer safe, so no need to handwash! It also retains its shape well – a brilliant characteristic which is often lost with other wool garments. Your mens merino wool jumper will last you season after season and maintain its cosy natural properties if looked after correctly! Browse our Peter Gribby merino knitwear range and purchase directly through our website!

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