Established 28 years ago in Robin Hood's famous county of Nottinghamshire, Peter Gribby is a family business offering stylish, versatile menswear with a European flavour and rural British roots.

We set up the company in 1985; my father Peter, my Mother and I. Our family home in Scarrington, Nottinghamshire formed our base and we all pitched in: my Sister did the admin; my Brother and I packed orders at night. It all started when my Father and I took eight jumpers each and headed north on the motorway, him to the east, me to the west. We came back armed with orders and bursting with pride.

The Peter Gribby brand was born on fertile ground: Nottinghamshire's early prosperity was forged in the textile industry, and Nottingham lace remains famous worldwide. We mined that historical expertise to produce clothing steeped in quality and heritage, using clean lines and a vibrant colour palette to create our striking signature look.

It wasn't long before the house was awash with knitwear, frequently forcing me to make do with the sofa when the night fell as my own bed was piled high. As independent retailers increasingly clamoured for our lines, it was clear no family members' bed was safe, so we decamped to larger premises in nearby Bottesford and have steadily expanded ever since.


Daniel Gribby
Managing Director