The Founder

Peter Gribby Founder

In the early 1950's, Peter Gribby left Textile College filled with passion and a purpose. He joined Nottingham-based Martin Emprex International and set about learning his trade, honing an already keen sense of style in London, Paris and Italy along the way. His flair for fashion and hard work ethic saw him rise right to the top, and by the 1980's he'd become Managing Director. Inspired by his travels and established in the industry, he was ready to strike out alone, and the Peter Gribby brand was born.

The late eighties were about bold embroidery, heavily patterned knits and rich embellishments, all pioneered by Peter as he skilfully combined those early European influences with a British edge. That synergy can still be seen in the brand today, Although we have moved with the times to create subtle yet striking collections of colourful coordinated knitwear, jerseys and shirts.